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A Little Can Go a Long Way: The Importance of Access in States with Limited Public Lands

Given the importance of access to public lands for sportsmen and women, we have a duty to ensure that such opportunities remain available to ensure the future survival of our outdoor traditions. In much of the Eastern and Midwestern United States where land is predominantly held in private ownership, opportunities to increase public access, whether on public or privately owned lands, is especially critical. 

Unintended Consequences: How American Trophy Import Bans Harm Conservation Efforts Abroad

Over the past decade, several states across the nation have sought to implement misguided legislation, such as African trophy import bans, in an attempt to curb the hunting of “Big 5” species by American sportsmen and women. In turn, this counteracts the single most important source of funding for conservation and anti-poaching efforts in Africa.

America's Charismatic Megafauna: Modern Challenges Associated with Predator Management

In recent history, no wildlife management topic has proven to be more controversial than that of predators.

More Harm Than Good: The Unique Challenges Associated with Managing Invasive Species

Invasive species are a primary threat to global biodiversity, economies and human health. While the United States has a multitude of species that are classified as “invasive,” in this webinar, we will focus on several species that have severe negative impacts on multiple levels.

Emergent Threats to Hunting and Wildlife from Misinformed Opposition to Sustainable Forest Management on Public Lands

CSF staff and guest speakers discuss the trend of increased opposition to sustainable forest management on public lands, particularly in the Southeast. While opposition to wildlife habitat work on National Forests is not new, anti-forest management interests are expanding their work to stop wildlife habitat improvement projects on state-owned lands (e.g., Wildlife Management Areas, State Forests). 

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