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who's the boss?

Whos the Boss Webinar.png


Aaron Jeffries - Missouri Department of Conservation

Taylor Ridderbusch - Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Ellary TuckerWilliams - Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation

Jerome Zeringue - State Representative and NASC Executive Council Member, Louisiana House of Representatives

How do state fish and wildlife management agencies benefit me?

To effectively conserve our nation’s public trust resources, state fish and wildlife management agencies require both the authority and the ability to manage. Protecting their authority to manage is done by ensuring that management decisions are driven by agency personnel with the expertise, experience, and access to critical data necessary for successful fish and wildlife management. Protecting agencies' ability to manage is done by ensuring that legislation does not negatively impact the well-established revenue streams, including the primary framework offered through the American System of Conservation Funding, which provide agency experts with the resources necessary to carry out their missions. This installment of the CSF Summer Webinar Series explores the important role that these agencies play in conservation and how they may be best supported as they seek to carry out that role.

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